Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier – MC70LBFVM

Daikin Streamer Discharge Technology discharges high speed electrons to collide, decompose, and hence eliminate bacteria, virus, mold, hazardous chemical substances and allergens.

Japan Food Research Laboratories have experimented and certified 99.99% bacterial removal capabilities of Daikin Streamer Technology.

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Product Description

Get clean air with Daikin Streamer Technology


STREAMER DISCHARGE UNIT: High-speed electrons discharged enables decomposition and effective removal of airborne substances such as adjuvants (e.g. diesel particles, exhaust gas, VOCs, formaldehyde), allergens (e.g. mites and mold), cigarette smoke, micro-size dust, house dust. pet hair, bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and odor.


420 m3/h high-power suction

Powerful 4-directional suction is used to reach every corner of the room.


As quiet as a whisper
(only 16 dB even LL mode)

The quiet operation is achieved by Daikin’s original shroud fan and a low-pressure-loss filter.


Economical: No requirement to purchase filters for 10 years

Operation is economical with five included filters, each lasting about 2 years, taking away the need to buy filters for first 10 years upon purchase.

While filter replacement once every two years serves as a guide, actual replacement time will depend on utilization of the air purifier and its location deployed (conditions of indoor environment). In view of use in indoor air with high pollutant index, replacement period will be respectively shortened.

Easy filter Storage!

Unused filters can be stowed neatly inside the unit.



403 x 241 x 576 (mm)


220-240 V, 50-60 Hz


Quiet (Q), Low (L), Normal (N), High (H), Turbo (T)


Q: 0.91, L: 2.2, N: 3.5, H: 4.8, T: 7.0 (m3/min)

Power Consumption

Q: 7.0, L: 10.0, N: 16.0, H: 26.0, T: 65.0 (W)

Noise Level

Q: 16.0, L: 24.0, N: 32.0, H: 39.0, T: 48.0 (db)

Purification Efficiency

Tested to eliminate up to PM1 particles

Purification Methods

Streamer discharge technology, titanium apatite photocatalytic filter, deodorizing catalyst

Effectively eliminates

Allergens, bacteria, chemical, dust, mold, odor, pet hair, pollen and viruses

Area Coverage

46 sqm


8.5 kg