SCRUBBOX S, the latest kitchen exhaust electrostatic air cleaner series by AOM, is the world's first single-unit Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) equipped with double-pass function to optimize performance in kitchen oil and grease containment.

The S Series leverages on patent-pending 2-level electrostatic filtration to provide effective containment of particulate matters, grease, oil, water vapour, smell, and smoke generated from cooking to the strict standards set forth by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA).

To further boost consumer confidence and trust, SCRUBBOX S Series comes with worldwide recognised CE, FCC, and TUV certifications to attest for its superior safety, quality, and efficiency.

Product Description

In line with other models in the SCRUBBOX product range, AOM launches its inaugural kitchen exhaust model in the brand new S Series – SCRUBBOX S Series EAN 320S.

SCRUBBOX S Series EAN 320S utilizes induced electrostatic charge to charge and collect passing pollutants (down to 0.01 micron) in a kitchen exhaust system, meeting NEA’s ‘Ventilation and Air Exhaust Systems’ guidelines under its Code of Practice on Environmental Health. The double-pass arrangement is highly effective in targeting high-smoke and/or high-grease production as a pair of ionizer-collector sections allows for the polluted airflow to be cleaned twice before discharge.

The model provides robust and consistent performance at 98% efficiency (EPA Environmental Analysis Laboratory – NIEA A101.73C) – every single day, accorded by the machine’s solid construction and and heavy-duty collection plates. Engineered to work 24 hours with minimal power consumption, it provides effective containment of dust, oil, grease, smoke, and moisture in a kitchen exhaust system. This allows for a greener discharge of cooking fumes and reduces fire risks in the kitchen exhaust system.

Double Pass Unit of the New S Series

Product features

  • Novel built-in double pass ionizing cell
  • Double pass function increases cost savings and reduces space requirements
  • Higher efficiency (to cater specially for thick smoke e.g. BBQ)
  • Power cut-off feature to enhance product safety
  • Effective external heat exchanger for temperature regulation of internal components
  • Dual High Voltage power pack


Air Volume

3200 cfm/ 5400 cmh/ 1500 l/s

Size of Tuyere

500 x 555 (mm)

Size of Cell

491 x 470 x 465 (mm)

No of Collecting Cells

1 pcs

Material of Housing

Galvanized Steel with Powder Coating (Thickness: 1.0 mm)

Material of Ionizing Collecting Cell

Aluminium Alloy (Thickness: 1.0 mm)

Material of Electrical Insulation

Trioxide Two Aluminium

No of Ionizing Wires

7 ionizing wires; 7 spiked type ionizing plates

Ionizing Plate (High Voltage Discharge Cells)

46 pcs

Collection Plate (Ground Collectors)

44 pcs

Power Supply

220-240 V, 1P, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption


High Voltage Power Pack

High Voltage @ 14000 V/ Low Voltage @ 7000 V (First Section)
High Voltage @ 12000 V/ Low Voltage @ 6000 V (Second Section)