SCRUBBOX, AOM’s high-efficiency kitchen exhaust electrostatic air cleaner, leverages on electrostatic precipitation to provide effective containment of particulate matters, grease, oil, water vapour, smell, and smoke generated from cooking to the strict standards set forth by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA). It is also tested to stringent ASHRAE and ISO standards.

Intuitive features are incorporated to further enhance product safety and reliability. Quality production and stringent quality check by our factory in Taiwan ensure that all SCRUBBOXes are made to the highest of standards.

In addition, SCRUBBOX comes with worldwide-recognized UL, ASHRAE, ISO, CE, FCC, TUV, and SGS certifications to attest for its superior safety, quality, and efficiency.

Product Description

SCRUBBOX uses induced electrostatic charge to charge and collect passing pollutants (down to 0.01 micron) in a kitchen exhaust system, and it meets NEA’s ‘Ventilation and Air Exhaust Systems’ guidelines under its Code of Practice on Environmental Health.

It is made of solid construction and heavy-duty collection plates that deliver amazing consistent performance at up to 98.7% (ASHRAE 52.1-1992), 97.9% (ASHRAE 52.2-2017), and 95.0% (ISO 16890-2:2016) filtration efficiencies – every single day.

Engineered to work 24 hours with minimal power consumption, it provides effective containment of dust, oil, grease, smoke, and moisture in a kitchen exhaust system. This allows for a greener discharge of cooking fumes and reduces fire risks in the kitchen exhaust system.

A comparison of another popular brand in the market is illustrated in the chart below:

It can be seen that the differences in the effects of filtration are tremendous over a long period of usage. This goes to show just how much more pollution reduction it can bring about when used in kitchen exhaust systems.

Also, an external heat exchanger constantly regulates the temperature of the electrical components in the electrostatic air cleaner, ensuring optimal performance.

An equipment power cut-off feature (when the air cleaner’s door is opened) has also been added to further enhance product safety.

The incorporated high voltage power pack also comes with the de-energizing capability to ensure swift and safe service and maintenance of the kitchen exhaust air cleaner.

Manufactured by our factory in Taiwan, quality production and stringent quality control mean that all SCRUBBOXes can stand the test of time. Maintained properly, each SCRUBBOX is designed to last for life.

In addition to AOM’s acquired product certifications, SCRUBBOX was recently certified under UL 867 Standard for Electrostatic Air Cleaners, making it among the safest units in the market.

Here at AOM, we are consistently committed to driving innovation throughout the industry and providing the best value with superior product quality.

Additional levels of filtration like Activated Carbon filters and UVC can also be added to further enhance purification efficiency.

A video on the effectiveness of AOM’s SCRUBBOX is shown below:

In the video, smoke can be seen at the exhaust outlet when it is turned off. When it is turned back on, no smoke can be observed at the exhaust outlet. This is a testament to SCRUBBOX’s highly efficient 98.7% filtration ability.

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