AirStreme™ AMT System

The AirStreme™ AMT System is a compact, direct inject, digital misting system that serves a good range of odor control applications with requirement of small footprint.

With enhanced programming capabilities, excellent quality, reliability and attractive design at an affordable price, the system is ideal for misting solutions and remediation of our client’s odor problems. In complement with odor counteracting solutions (i.e. AirSolution™, BioStreme™ and XStreme™), AirStreme™ AMT System serves odor treatment applications of up to 50 operating nozzles.

Product Description

ECOLO’s AirStreme™ Misting Tank-less system (AMT)  is thought to be one of industries’ most advanced and reliable direct injection system, equipped with superior design and quality components that allow the system to stay appealing and more relevant in comparison with other injection style and drum mount systems. For higher performance, the system utilizes an advanced digital controller provides quality, dependability and variable run times to facilitate better programming and diagnostics capabilities.

The direct injection technology of AirStreme™ AMT System sets it out from other conventional misting systems. Independently, the system automatically mixes solutions with high precision, allowing for consistent chemical concentrations and homogenized, in turn maximizing solution performance. A single system is able to serve up to 50 operating nozzles around the clock with adequate water supply.

ECOLO’s AirStreme™ misting systems are perfect for a wide range of application from odor control, pest control, environmental cooling, dust suppression to humidification purposes.


Operating Pressure

150 psi

Maximum Pressure

250 psi


1/2 HP motor


100 GPH

Motor Rotational Speed

1425-1725 RPM


110-220 V, 50-60 Hz

Maximum Nozzle Number



45.7cm/18″ x 40.6cm/16″ x 25.4cm/10″


Thermoplastic Polycarbonate

Applicable locations

Transfer stations, compost plants, residential, grain storage, vegetable storage, greenhouses, wineries and locations and anywhere odor poses a problem