MYAIR car ionizer

MYAIR Plasma Car Ionizer – MYA54CA

AOM Car Ionizer cleans and treats in-car pollutants known to contain toxic gases and harmful bacteria, including bad odors. It continuously protects you and your family from these health hazards, making your car cabin safe, clean, and healthy.


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Product Description

MYAIR Plasma Car Ionizer comes with a series of effective filtration to ensure that the driver and his passengers commute in a healthy air environment.

Features of the model include:

Advanced Active Carbon HEPA Filter Technology
Effectively filters and captures airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Nanometer Light-Accelerant Air Purification Component
The Nano TiO2 light accelerant decomposes harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the car (e.g. formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene).

It simultaneously deodorizes unpleasant smells of cigarette smoke, alcohol, and food. In addition, the component effectively disinfects airborne bacteria, viruses and protects passengers from cross infection.

Plasma Purification Component
Removes airborne dust and static electricity and purifies polluted substances from car combustion (e.g. carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide).

Ozone Purification Component
Eradicates various infectious bacteria, decomposes organic gases, and deodorizes unpleasant odors.

UV Germicidal lamp
Eliminates harmful airborne germs and bacteria.

Anion Technology
Produces negative ions and active oxygen, creating a natural forest-like environment. These help to keep the driver sober and alert, promote metabolism, adjust nerve function to relieve fatigue and ease stress and anxiety.

*Product available in AOM Air Wellness Proshops*

DOWNLOAD: AOM MYAIR Car Ionizer Brochure


Size (L x W x H)

173 x 122 x 49 (mm)


DC 12-24 V

Power Consumption

5 W

Battery Capacity

850 mA/H

Purification Methods

Advanced active carbon HEPA filter, nanometer light- accelerant for air purification, plasma & ozone purification components, UV germicidal lamp, ionizer (negative ions)

Coverage Area

15 sqm


0.360 kg


Creating Clean & Healthy Indoor Car Environment



Provided with set

AC Adaptor (220 V), Car Adaptor, Extra filter