Maxttrac Mozzie Buster

The Maxttrac Mozzie Buster utilizes both Human Scent and UV Light technologies to lure mosquitoes in for the kill, mainly through dehydration. To highlight, this device is capable of covering up to 100 square meters and has been tested to have an indoor entrapment efficiency of 96%!


Product Description

With the capability of trapping mosquitoes in the indoor environment of up to 96% efficiency and an effective coverage area of 100 square meters, the Maxttrac Mozzie Buster is considered one of the top technologies in removing these vectors.

To attract mosquitoes, 2 forms of attractants are deployed, mainly via Human Scent and UV Light technologies.

Human Scent – The Art of Mimicry

  • Use of a proprietary blend of food-grade attractant to mimic human scent (pheromones) and lure various mosquito species (e.g. Aedes Aegypti) into the device

UVA Light – Busted for Navigation

  • Presence of UVA light source to mislead and attract mosquitoes on their navigation for food

    Download: AOM Mozzie Buster Brochure


Notable features

Human scent and UVA light technologies as mosquito attractants

Mozzie Buster with single human scent attractant cartridge

$88 per device

Human scent attractant cartridge refill

$4 per refill, lasts up to 30 days