Xstreme® Vapor Solution

Xstreme® Vapor Solutions are a waterless blend of ECOLO’s patented essential oil technology specially designed for use with Xstreme® Vapor Units to aid in odor treatment applications.

These solutions act as effective waterless odor neutralizer utilizing advanced air-contact technology that promises to be safe, immediate and long-lasting.

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Product Description

Malodor problem has been a continuous challenge everywhere in the world, resulting in complaints or big fines. XStreme™ Vapor systems have been developed to provide an industry-leading output of ultra-dry particles without leaving any water residual.

ECOLO’s Xstreme® Vapor Solution is a waterless blend of Ecolo’s patented essential oil technology and unlike scents or masking agents, these solutions are highly concentrated odor neutralizers that react with airborne malodor for permanent removal of odors. It provides comprehensive odor treatment application when dispensed with specifically designed Xstreme® Vapor Unit.

Upon vaporization, ultrafine particles of these solutions neutralize a broad spectrum of nuisance odors associated with organic wastes. Odor molecules, upon contact with these particles, are converted into non-volatile compounds to dramatically reduce odor concentration and intensity.

Created with complex blends of essential oils and odoriferous organic compounds common to ECOLO’s AirSolution™, Xstreme® Vapor Solution can be applied directly without mixing. Compared with other odor treatment systems, the Xstreme® Vapor misting system and solution range of products, holistically, are able to provide uniform coverage and intensity of odor-treating vapor in enclosed spaces for optimal remediation effects.

Applications are ideal for:
– Trash rooms
– Trash chutes
– Exhaust Stacks
– Greenhouse exhaust
– Washrooms
– Kitchen exhaust
– Hotel rooms

Types of odor treated:
– Hydrogen Sulfide
– Mercaptans
– Reduced Sulfur Compounds
– Organic Acid Odors
– Decay

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XStreme® Vapor Solutions

#8015 Fresh & Clean (15)
#8023 Southern Breeze (23)

Odor Characteristics

15: Balsam Spruce
23: Citrus Blend


15: Hygienic
23: Reviving


Clear liquid

Specific Gravity (@20°C)

15: 0.940 – 0.955,
23: 0.935 – 0.950

Code #

15: 6 X 500ml (50-XST-8015-B6.5), 4 X 1L (50-XST-8015-B41)
23: 6 X 500ml (50-XST-8023-B6.5), 4 X 1L (50-XST-8023-B41)


15: Effective on animal holding areas, slaughterhouses, sewage, wastewater and other organic odors
23: Effective on dry wastes and recommended for garbage rooms and disposal sites