Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital selects AOM Air Purifiers for their wards’ Haze Management Zones

  Air & Odor Management (AOM) is proud to be the preferred air filtration partner of the re-developed Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital (KWSH). This re-development move is part of Singapore’s plan to raise the capacity of her nursing homes as the country copes with an aging population. Having previously worked with KWSH during the 2015 […]

Reconstruction & Expansion of Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital: For a Greater Cause

The importance of placing high-performance air purifiers in hospitals and nursing homes have always been of utmost importance to protect the health of the more susceptible groups in the society. With the ability to remove submicron particles up to 0.3 microns at 99.95% (with H13 HEPA filter) and other harmful airborne pollutants (smoke, volatile organic […]