AOM’s SCRUBBOX featured at PHILGBC’s Green Building Product Spotlight

This year, the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC) held its “Building Green Product Spotlight” conference in Dusit Thani Manila at Makati City, Philippines.

Started in 2007, Building Green is a series of conferences by the Philippine Green Building Council that highlights the current green practices of the industry. It features the latest innovative trends in building products, architecture, engineering, and construction as initiated by the industry’s best and brightest minds.

AOM Partners together for Green Building Conference

On August 7, 2018, around 150 top executives have gathered to share their support towards a wide range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) discussions.

Among the topics covered include:

  • Design Solutions for Building Green,
  • Solutions for Indoor Environment Quality,
  • Other Green Building Products, Technologies and Services, and,
  • Best Practices in Sustainable Engineering

More than half of the world’s population now live in cities, it is unsettling that only 14% of those reporting on air quality reside in cities compliant with the WHO air quality guideline levels. In addition, air pollution is getting worse due to an increasing dependence on private transport motor vehicles, inefficient use of energy in buildings, and the use of biomass for cooking and heating.


Dubbed the “Green Man” for his commitment to sustainable practices. He has been on a constant move to seek out a bright and sustainable future for the planet.

Green Man shares his knowledge on how to improve Indoor Air Quality

According to a recent study, the majority of restaurant fires develops from kitchen cooking appliances and blaze into the kitchen exhaust system. With grease fires burning at about 760 °C, fire can spread rapidly through unattended exhaust systems.

During the conference, Matthias featured Air and Odor Management (AOM)’s SCRUBBOX, a high-efficiency kitchen exhaust electrostatic air cleaner that leverages on electrostatic precipitation. Engineered to work 24 hours with minimal power consumption, it provides effective containment of dust, oil, grease, smoke, and moisture in a kitchen exhaust system.

Matthias continues to share how important Kitchen Exhaust Systems in reducing the risk of fire casualties, it will not only prevent unwanted incidents but it will also help you achieve a healthier indoor environment.

Karen Ibasco is a Filipina physicist and beauty queen, who won Miss Earth last 2017.

She attended numerous social and environmental activities to teach and spread ecological awareness in different countries such as Singapore, Japan, Cambodia and many more.

Karen Ibasco spreading awareness towards Indoor Air Quality

As buildings become increasingly energy efficient, they are also becoming more airtight.

Karen spreads awareness towards improving the indoor air quality at companies work areas in order to increase employee productivity. Ventilation is a leading strategy for boosting indoor air quality, but its importance is often overlooked.

Although the energy savings may be easy to calculate, the advantages of being able to form effective strategies and respond to crises are priceless and can have a dramatic impact on the workforce.

Nowadays, air pollution is commonly thought of as an outdoor air problem, but numerous studies have shown that indoor air pollution is typically worse than outdoor pollution. This is true even in urban centers, where the presence of air pollutants can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times higher indoors.

Establishing clear lines of communication can help detect and resolve IAQ concerns as soon as possible. A building managed with an eye for preventing IAQ problems greatly reduces the likelihood of chronic discomfort and will likely increase productivity.

With nearly a decade of experience in the Indoor and Environmental Air Quality industry, our consultants have seen the development of air quality technology and stay on top of new and emerging practices for improving your indoor air.

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