Gelair Tea Tree Oil (TTO) Solution

Gelair TTO Solution eradicates mold, bacteria, and viruses on virtually any surface and inhibits their growth on porous surfaces such as grout and silicon.

Simply apply the solution to affected surfaces or fumigate the indoor environment with a fogging machine for better mitigation and prevention against harmful microbes.


Product Description

Gelair Tea Tree Oil (TTO) Solution is specially formulated to clean cooling coils and affected surfaces for mold, bacteria, and viruses.

The solution acts as a universal cleaner but has the additional benefit of sterilization and providing long-lasting protection from these pathogens. Tea tree oil, the main component of the solution, is an antimicrobial and antifungal agent.

Recommended Period of Use

It is recommended for application on affected surfaces to provide for better mitigation, prevention against harmful microbes as previously mentioned, and rid these areas of musty smells.

The penetrating action of tea tree oil in the solution stops the growth of mold on porous surfaces, such as grout and silicon for up to 3 months.

Available Sizes

The solution is available in both 750ml and 20 liters, perfect for applications from domestic households to the indoor environment of large organizations.