Airstreme™ Odor Buster

The Airstreme™ Odor Buster provides a portable rugged solution to eliminate unwanted odor.

Ideal for applications in hotel industries (i.e. to assist in removing all kinds of odor in hotel guest rooms).

Model: MSP-ST-RN (with spring wound timer) / MSP-CT-RN (with cycle timer). Categories: , .

Product Description

Airstreme™ Odor Buster provides a portable solution to eliminate unwanted odor in enclosed indoor environments. Equipped with a convenient spring timer and an interval timer, treatment durations can be varied up to 15 minutes and provides flexible programming to enhance the system’s customizability to customers’ needs.

The remote nozzle is mounted on a 1L or 2L container to orient misting as required.

AirSolution™, a complement to Airstreme™ Odor Buster for Busting Odor

  • Utilized with AirSolution #9037 to eliminate cigar/cigarette smoke odors from hotel rooms or vehicles in minutes.
  • Deodorize rental or saleable properties with AirSolution #9054.
  • Eliminate fish and cooking odors with AirSolution #9042.
  • Treat locker rooms and nursing homes with AirSolution #9010. A valuable tool for restoration projects.

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165 x 318 x 279 (mm) or 6.5″ x 12.5″ x 11″


110-220 V, 50-60 Hz


8.1 kg/ 17.8 lb

Treatment duration

Up to 15 minutes

Container options

1 or 2 (litres)