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  • Yes, we mean everything – because good quality indoor air is increasingly rare to find these days.

    And because bad air comes in many forms, so do our solutions.



    Air & Odor Management (AOM) is a fully integrated air quality solution company headquartered in Singapore. Our services promote and encompass all aspects of clean air living, from indoor air quality assessment and odor control, to air purifying, mold and microbe remediation and ambient scenting.


    “After using Gelair, we can confidently recommend the product to others who strive for the highest indoor air quality in their buildings. Gelair is extremely simple to use, effectively treats the entire HVAC system, and is listed as a green product by the Singapore Green Building Council.”

    Keppel FMO Pte Ltd

    “We were recently at a conference in Singapore and was staying at the Fairmont Hotel. We were constantly captivated by the beautiful aroma as we entered the foyer and reception area each day.”

    David Witcombe

    “With your Ecolo system in operation, we are impressed that the annoying foul odor in the bin centre has been tremendously reduced. We are totally satisfied with the system’s performance and the good services rendered.”

    Shaw Organisation