Mold Remediation

Mold is one of the most common yet potentially dangerous household issues.

In Singapore, the tropical climate and high humidity are ideal for mold growth. It is a great opportunist that can thrive in damp areas in your house. 🏠

If you live in Singapore, it is likely that you have come into contact with mold at least once in your life.

It could be anywhere: on your shower curtain, inside the air-conditioning unit, or even on the ceiling above your bed. It could have been there for years and only manifested its presence when the weather became humid and warm.

Mold testing in Singapore
Mold inspection inside house
Mold remediator fixing and cleaning customer's house

At Mold Busters Singapore, we provide mold removal services that guarantee results without any adverse effects on your family’s health.

Our expert technicians will arrive promptly and take the time to inspect 🔎 the suspected areas thoroughly before implementing our remediation plan.

We provide 🏆 top-grade Australian tea tree oil for fumigation and wipe-down works to ensure our remediation is both environmentally friendly to almost any surface and effective in reducing mold counts.


The problem with mold is that it spreads rapidly and easily, so if you have a lingering suspicion that you have mold in your home or office, it’s best to get an accurate test and diagnosis from a professional mold inspection specialist.

We are confident that our quality workmanship will put your mind at ease, so don’t hesitate to contact us today if you suspect that your home or workplace is infected by mold! 👋