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Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memory.

So how can Scent Branding help your business?

Scent Marketing is an effective tool to engage customers, extend a product’s reach, and improve a brand’s position in the mind of the consumer.

In a world where visual and aural stimuli have been exploited to the max, businesses should be aware of how to capture the power of smell to influence customer behavior and create an enhanced experience.

Scenting can be used in homes, offices, retail, hotels, and many more.

Here at AOM, we provide fragrance creation and scent adaptation service for our clients who desire a customized (signature) scent or a “scent logo” for their businesses.

Our proprietary range of scents are all based on natural, plant-extracted essentials oils, and have been certified by laboratories and government health departments worldwide to be safe – including the International Fragrance Association.

  • Micro-Dry Air Technology
  • Multi-Cycle Programming
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Safe, Natural & Hazard-Free
  • Scent Marketing
  • Brand Recognition
  • Aromatherapy
  • Superior Scent Experience
  • Sensorial Lifestyle
  • Odor Remediation

In today’s competitive climate, the retail and hospitality sectors need to work even harder to drive customer satisfaction and encourage spending.

Scenting is another tool to help businesses achieve this, and should be considered alongside visual marketing as an effective and subtle way of making positive changes to the perception of a brand.

With hundreds of scents to choose from – from classics like Sea Spray and Spiced Wood to new exciting blends such as Hibiscus Passion and Black Vetiver Café, we guarantee there will be one that you will fall in love with – at first whiff.

Customer experience goes far beyond simply what meets the eye, or the ear, so try and create a lasting impression for your customers.

Let your brand be known to the world.

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