Achieve High Filtration Efficacy of Kitchen Exhaust Fumes with a Multi-Pass Configuration!

Great food is produced via fantastic cooking techniques. Many a time, techniques such as BBQ, grilling, and roasting produce a huge amount of cooking pollutants (e.g. grease/smoke content).

What is usually overlooked in kitchen exhaust airflow calculation and sizing by local guidelines and fit-out contractors is the various types of cooking, or the cooking equipment being used. This can give rise to instances where pollutants (e.g. smoke, odour etc.) can still be observed at the exhaust outlet – causing odour nuisance and air pollution. This can strain relations with your neighbours!

This is why for some of AOM’s Kitchen Exhaust System fit-outs, we employ a double-pass configuration of our SCRUBBOX Kitchen Exhaust Electrostatic Air Cleaners. This allows for the fumes to be treated twice before discharge – achieving a high filtration efficiency. This is particularly important when the discharge outlets are located on the façade of buildings.

In cases whereby the cooking volume is great and intensive, a triple-pass configuration is used. Here we have a photo to share from one of our clients in Sydney, Australia:

In addition, usage of our SCRUBBOX with Ozone Generators allows for more comprehensive filtration of the cooking fumes – allowing for clean discharge.

We hope you know what to do now for your next F&B outlet!