AOM Air Wellness Proshop @ Square 2 is NOW OPEN

After months of arduous preparation, Air and Odor Management (AOM) is elated and most eager to meet with shoppers of Novena Square 2 as we open our inaugural Air Wellness Proshop (unit #04-07) in the mall. First and foremost, we extend our deepest gratitude to Far East Organization for our shopfront lease. Also, to our suppliers and partners, a BIG THANK YOU to the awesome support lent to AOM, making our dream of bringing cleaner, fresher air to more wonderful people in the SG community come true!

AOM Air and Odor Management Air Wellness Proshop showered with flowers

As a novel concept thought out by one of the leading Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) company in the region, AOM Air Wellness Proshop showcases an exquisite array of products and services that provide comprehensive solutions on the most pressing indoor environmental issues of today. One of which points to poor Indoor Air Quality that may lead to low productivity as well as undesirable physical symptoms such as allergies in susceptible individuals and respiratory illnesses.

AOM Air and Odor Management Air Wellness Proshop store front

Products on retail include air detoxifiers, disinfectors, deodorizers, scent diffusers, dehumidifiers, anti-mold agents, odor controllers, oxygen generators amongst many others, whereby our entire product range promotes healthier living through cleaner, fresher air.

AOM Air and Odor Management Air Wellness Proshop products displayed

Hop on down to our shop today for a fulfilling wellness shopping experience. Most importantly, feel free to approach our friendly consultants should you have burning inquiries on any indoor environmental issues. Clean, fresh air invigorates your body and soul. Let us care for the air you breathe!