ECOLOGO Certified ECOLO Give Environmentally-Conscious Customers a Sustainable Choice

It is our great honor to congratulate ECOLO for earning the Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) ECOLOGO® Certification for AirSolution™ this month, October 2015. By achieving certification by the science-based third-party organization, the reassurance that AirSolution™ has met rigorous, life-cycle based environmental performance criteria as defined in UL’s stringent ECOLOGO® standard (Standard UL 2796) that evaluates multiple criteria throughout a product’s life including energy use, waste disposal, and toxic reduction amongst other factors. Certified products in the AirSolution™ range includes 9149, 9204, 9304, 9309, 9312, 9314, 9316, 9320.

As the master distributor and service provider for ECOLO, a world leader in odor control technology, we provide customized solutions to treat odor with an array of systems and formulations. Geared with the right ECOLO Airstreme™ equipment of vapor atomizing, spray, and dispensing systems, we deploy technologies based on site characteristics, intensity, and type of odors. From odor and pest control, environmental cooling, dust suppression, and humidification capabilities, our products present solutions beyond conventional odor treatment.

By partnering with the only best, AOM demonstrates our relentless dedication to a more sustainable way of doing business.