5 Reasons Why You Need A Dehumidifier at Home

Does your home suffer from signs of damp or condensation?

Excess moisture in the air can not only have negative effects on our overall health, but it can also affect general household items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics, which can be expensive to replace. When you live in a humid climate, there are many reasons for molds and bacteria to potentially grow. A good dehumidifier can help you achieve a healthier indoor environment by keeping the humidity level under control.

Here are 5 reasons why it might be time to get one at home:

1. You See Visible Patches of Mold and Mildew

Mold grows in places with high moisture concentrations. If the humidity in a room increases, mold will start growing on walls, clothes, furniture and different areas in your home. Yikes! Aside from visible mold growth, you may also encounter a musty or damp smell that lingers inside your home. By drying out the air, a dehumidifier keeps your home’s humidity levels in check to help you achieve a healthier indoor environment.

Mold on Walls in Need of Dehumidifier

2. You Have Allergies That Doesn’t Seem to Go Away

High humidity directly affects the number of allergens inside your home. Too much moisture in the air creates a breeding ground for allergens. To find the right moisture level in your indoor environment, dehumidifiers generally come with a built-in humidistat that allows you to set your desired humidity level ideally between 30-50%. Using a dehumidifier together with an air purifier can dramatically reduce the number of indoor air pollutants. 

3. It Helps Your Laundry to Dry Faster

It can take an entire day to dry your laundry especially if you live in an extremely humid environment. Running a dehumidifier will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for your washing to dry.

4. You Want Your Food To Stay Fresh 

Mold spores don’t just ruin the overall structure of your home. Did you know they also get into your food? A dehumidifier can lessen the risk of spoiling your food and ensure that it tastes fresh.

5. You Want to Spend Less on A/C Bills 

The wet air feels warmer than dry air and we usually turn down the thermostat if it gets too hot. The higher the humidity, the harder it is for your A/C to work.

The end result is a high electricity bill not to mention increased maintenance due to the strain on your cooling system. A dehumidifier can lessen the load for your A/C unit, which will also lessen your monthly utility bill in the long run.

Choosing a Dehumidifier

Choosing the right dehumidifier depends on the humidity in your area and how much moisture is released into your home. Our MYAIR Dehumidifier offers a wide-range of dehumidifying capacity that can collect up to 20L, 40L, and 80L of moisture per day. A small dehumidifier won’t necessarily cover up the size of a larger room. Make sure you choose the right size for your home.

Dehumidifier in White Background

So can you use a dehumidifier to kill the mold in your home?

Unfortunately, no. But, they do play an important role in preventing mold by reducing humidity. To get rid of mold in your home, it must be removed physically then you can maintain your home with a good dehumidifier. If your experiencing mold and mildew growth at home and is in urgent need of help, you may contact our dedicated team at Mold Busters by calling us at +65 6286 3333 for us to know more about your issue and be able to help you solve your concerns.

Getting a dehumidifier can help you live a healthier life, the bottom line is that a dehumidifier is a good investment as it helps a great deal in keeping your home and your loved ones healthy.