Oxyfarm Personal Oxygen Generator – SA2500

The sleek and compact oxygen machine uses membrane technology to filter the oxygen and nitrogen in the air. The membrane technology separates the larger molecules from the smaller ones, isolate, capture and harvests the filtered gas (oxygen) for use.

SA2500 Oxyfarm Oxygen Generator is ideal for places such as domestic homes and offices, providing individuals with convenient yet reinvigorating experiences.


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Product Description

OXYFARM Oxygen Generator SA2500 uses membrane technology to filter oxygen and nitrogen in the air. Its membrane technology separates different sized particles to isolate, capture and harvest smaller oxygen particles for the machine’s utility.

The machine’s processes produce zero chemicals, wastes, hazardous materials nor have any adverse effects on human health, therefore the ideal keepsake for the health-conscious.

Oxyfarm Oxygen Generator SA9500

What can Oxygen do for you?

Oxygen is the essential element required for our bodies to function correctly. It is required by every cell in our body from digestive to cognitive functions. Oxygen essentially provides the following benefits:

  • Heightens concentration, alertness, and memory
  • Detoxifies blood and fortifies individuals’ immune system
  • Promotes healing, improves sleep, digestion, sight, and counters aging
  • Mind-calming, sense-stimulating, and energy invigorating
  • Speeds up body recovery after physical exertion

Compact Design
By optimized compact design, we minimized the size of the environment-friendly product with oxygen, anion, digital VFD and LCD membrane oxygen generation function.

Low Noise Product
The dual noise suppression structure minimizes noise.

OXYFARM Oxygen Generator SA2500 is especially useful for persons as follows:

1. Those who need lively brain activities and concentration such as researchers and students preparing for an examination.
2. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue, lethargy or various mental stresses.
3. Those who experience vertigo, headache, loss of memory or dyspnea due to contaminated room air.
4. Senior citizens living in high-story apartments who lack outing and exercise.
5. Those who spend a long time in an office room or an apartment which is not well ventilated.
6. Drivers who feel tired in a traffic jam or a long-distance drive.

In short, the OXYFARM Oxygen Generator SA2500 can be used anytime and anywhere.

The maximum safety limit of consumable oxygen for human beings is 35.7%. The unit supplies 30% oxygen concentration. For added value, combine oxygen with aromatherapy for an uplifting experience.

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360 x 150 x 360 (mm)


120-220 V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption

60 W

Oxygen Generation Method

Membrane system

Oxygen Generation Dispensor

Equipped with system

Oxygen Purity



Continuously Generated


10 kg