SCRUBBOX for B Burger’s Mind-Blowing Japanese-American Fusion


A brand new concept burger store has just opened in Singapore courtesy of The Benjamin Barker Group: B Burger. The brand fuses American burgers with Japanese flavors to serve up mind-blowing combinations for your palates – we can vouch for that.

B Burger waiter preparing food at the restaurant

B Burger’s environmental responsibility pars up to the delicious taste of their cook-to-order burgers. Air & Odor Management (AOM) is proud to be the kitchen exhaust filtration partner for B Burger. Our SCRUBBOX air cleaners ensure that minimal environmental pollution is discharged while the burgers continue to whet the appetite of the endless packs of the crowd at Cineleisure.

A photo of good food at B Burger Singapore

Be sure to check them out and try their Bomchika Wow Wow Burger!