When A Little Means A Lot in Kitchen Exhaust Filtration

Untreated discharges from kitchen exhaust systems contribute to outdoor air pollution. Not only do they negatively impact the environment, they can cause public odour nuisance as well. Environmental laws worldwide have been clamping down on offenders, and affected businesses often face severe fines and operation suspensions.

As food lovers ourselves, it saddens us to see our favourite food outlets suspended. This is why we go the extra mile in Research and Development (R&D) to improve our SCRUBBOX kitchen exhaust electrostatic air cleaner. Through years of R&D, we are very honoured to announce that SCRUBBOX has passed ASHRAE and ISO test certifications with flying colours! A summary of the results is shown below (compared against another popular brand):

A Comparison between Scrubbox Filtration with other brands

By achieving 98.7% (ASHRAE 52.1), 97.9% (ASHRAE 52.2), and 95.0% (ISO16890-2) filtration efficiencies, it puts SCRUBBOX leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The additional few percentage points in filtration efficiencies will serve the environment tremendously in the long term. Brief comparisons (against another popular brand) are shown below:

A Comparison between Scrubbox Pollution Reduction with other brands

In a 3-month period, it can be seen that the reduction in pollution to the environment can be as high as 40.5 times! Just think about the benefits it can bring about!

By effectively treating the oil & grease, smoke, and odour from cooking processes, environmental impact and fire risks will be kept to the minimum. This will benefit all members of the community for many generations to come. Air & Odor Management is proud to be part of this immense improvement.

We care for the air you breathe!