AOM HCFO Hood for Guzman y Gomez at Orchard Gateway!


Hola! Air & Odor Management (AOM) is proud to have our proprietary AOM HCFO Hood designed and used for Guzman y Gomez at their new outlet at Orchard Gateway.

Given the smaller-than-usual restaurant space, extraction airflow for kitchen exhaust usage is limited. By utilising our AOM Hood, it allows the extraction airflow to conform to the limits without affecting the operations of the restaurant. At the same time, the AOM Hood offers comprehensive filtration (of smoke, grease, and odour) within the hood before the cleaned cooking fumes travel to the kitchen exhaust duct for discharge.


We are delighted that AOM is the chosen kitchen exhaust partner for Guzman y Gomez. We look forward to pushing more boundaries and creating more opportunities for F&B establishments in the future!

P.S. Be sure to try out their awesome burrito bowl soon!