Ventler Solves Kitchen Exhaust Infrastructure Inadequacy Issues

The thriving e-commerce scene has put many brick-and-mortar retailers in an extremely difficult position – plenty are struggling and much more have shut. To re-liven up the vacated spaces, cafes and smaller-scale F&B establishments have started to move in.

Amidst the many challenges that F&B owners and operators face during fitting-out, one that stands out the most is the lack of kitchen exhaust infrastructure – a provision that was never required for a retail shop. Without an exhaust system, pollutants from cooking fumes (e.g. grease, cooking odour) will linger within the premise – to the discomfort of patrons and diners. Long-haired ladies can easily recall an unpleasant experience of lingering food odour when leaving a BBQ restaurant.

To resolve this issue, Air & Odor Management (AOM) has providently designed Ventler – a Kitchen Ventilated Cook-Top. Developed with Spring Singapore’s Technology Innovation Grant, it offers a cooking equipment placement surface and an incorporated re-circulating air filtration system; ensuring that cooking emissions are comprehensively treated before being re-introduced into the premise. As such, the pressing issue of a lack of kitchen exhaust infrastructure is addressed and more opportunities are thus unraveled for F&B owners and operators!

Ventler has benefitted clients from Arteastiq, TWG Tea and Play Nation in Singapore, to Cafe Shibuya in the Philippines. Interested parties can drop by AOM’s booth (H4N1-04) at Hotel Asia 2018 at Singapore’s Suntec City Hall 4 between 24 to 27 April 2018 to have a look at it together with our extensive range of air filtration products.