Ventler is a revolutionary commercial kitchen cook-top with built-in SCRUBBOX air cleaning system. It is a patent-pending product providently designed to solve the headache F&B operators face when constructing a conventional kitchen exhaust system is deemed undesirable or infeasible.

This stainless steel Cook-Top uses flame-impeding filters to extract the cooking fumes, and thereafter treats the polluted air – particulates, oil, grease, and foul odour – through a series of air cleaning and filtration systems housed within.

When the air is released back into the environment, it is significantly cleaner and helps to keep the kitchen better ventilated.

Product Description

Ventler uses stainless steel flame-impeding honeycomb filters as the pre-filter for fumes extraction. These robust filters are tested to stringent AS 1668.2-2012 and AS 1530.1 standards, and have proven flame-impeding capabilities for added fire safety.

AOM Stainless Steel Honeycomb Filters Fire Test:

Further filtration processes include our SCRUBBOX Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) [CE, FCC, and TUV certified], Ultraviolet-C (UVC), and Activated Carbon. Such levels of air filtration allow cooking fumes to be significantly cleaned before being expelled back into the same environment – aiding ventilation in the process.

A sample cooking video can be found below:

This kitchen exhaust filtration model is patent-pending, and is exquisitely designed and produced by AOM Singapore.

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