ECOLOGO Certified ECOLO Give Environmentally-Conscious Customers a Sustainable Choice

It is our great honor to congratulate ECOLO for earning the Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) ECOLOGO® Certification for AirSolution™ this month, October 2015. By achieving certification by the science-based third-party organization, the reassurance that AirSolution™ has met rigorous, life-cycle based environmental performance criteria as defined in UL’s stringent ECOLOGO® standard (Standard UL 2796) that evaluates multiple criteria throughout […]

PM2.5 and its Link to Mold Proliferation

As PM2.5 reading went well over 400 last night in Western Singapore, it brought to mind how damaging such minute particulates can be. These small particles have a large surface-to-air ratio, and thus have a higher chance of being inhaled. Upon inhalation, these particles penetrate farther into our lungs as they possess the ability to […]

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment

More people now know that the quality of air in the indoor environment has a significant impact on human health and comfort. It is, after all, where most people spend most of their time. Poor indoor air quality can lead to discomfort, ill health, and in the workplace, absenteeism and lower productivity. Scientific evidences indicate […]