Xstreme® Vapor Unit

The Xstreme® Vapor Unit have been developed exclusively for use with ECOLO's AirPro® Automated Pneumatic System in the dispersion of finely misted Xstreme® Vapor Solution to aid in odor treatment applications.

With the system's patent pending innovation in vapor system design, the Xstreme® Vapor Unit can deliver homogeneous micro mist droplets at consistent intensity throughout the enclosed environment.

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Product Description

ECOLO’s Xstreme® Vapor Unit produces industry leading vapor output by combining AirPro® Automated Pneumatic System and Xstreme® Vapor Solution technologies with new patent pending innovation in vapor system design. The vapor unit possesses the ability to provide consistent output of ultra fine particles of 1 micron on average for higher efficiency in collision and absorption between an Xstreme® Vapor Solution molecule and an odor molecule.

Contrary to conventional misting solutions, Xstreme® Vapor Unit is incorporated with Xstreme® Vapor Solution to react with airborne malodors for permanent removal of the odor. The resulting vapor output extends its reach easily throughout all parts of an enclosed space for uniform coverage and intensity.


Complement with AirPro® Automated Pneumatic System

Operates up to 6 Vapor units
369 x 343 x 185 (mm) or 14.5″ x 13.5″ x 7.3″
23lbs/ 10.4kg
Thermoplastic Polycarbonate
Part # 10-AIR-0130 110V, 60 Hz
Part # 10-AIR-1130 220V, 50 Hz


Rubber Cover (p/n: 40-GAS-0850)
Rubber Gasket (p/n: 40-GAS-0860)
Tubing Clamp, 3/8”, for vapour suction line (p/n: 40-TUB-0170)
Tubing, 3/8” OD x 1/4” ID Silicon (p/n: 30-TUB-2000)

Xstreme® Vapor Solutions

#8015 Fresh & Clean (Effective on animal holding areas, slaughterhouses, sewage, wastewater & other organic odors)
#8023 Southern Breeze (Effective on dry wastes & recommended for garbage rooms & disposal sites)