AOM Ozone Generator

AOM Ozone Generator produces ozone for air treatment via Corona Discharge. It is the ideal solution for odour treatment for a wide range of ducted applications. Its consistent feed of ozone ensures that air treatment remains optimal throughout operation.

Its quality and performance are attested by The University of Sydney.

Product Description

AOM Ozone Generator is highly effective in treating odour and oil & grease discharge.

Efficient, Consistent Ozone Production

Using Corona Discharge, oxygen in the ambient air is excited by highly durable ceramic plates to form ozone. High voltage passes through an air gap to split oxygen molecules to allow for the formation of ozone. This is the most widely used method for commercial ozone production today. In addition, this production method ensures a consistent feed of ozone for air treatment in ducted applications.

Certification and Testing Attest Product Quality

Furthermore, AOM’s Ozone Generators’ quality and performance are certified and attested by The University of SydneyThe ozone created oxidizes grease particles and odour molecules into neutral matters. As a result, this reduces odour nuisance and environmental impact from exhaust systems.  Also, it is noteworthy that the usage of Ozone Generators does not affect the overall static pressure of exhaust systems.

Complements Kitchen Exhaust Electrostatic Air Cleaners

AOM Ozone Generators complement Kitchen Exhaust Electrostatic Air Cleaners (see SCRUBBOX) in kitchen exhaust systems. Incorporating them reduces odour nuisance and grease content at discharge outlets. This, therefore, allows us to work towards a cleaner and greener environment.

Download: AOM Ozone Generator Brochure



400 x 335 x 600 mm


26 kg

Power Consumption

350 W

Ozone Output

Up to 35 g/h