Gelair Air Conditioning Block

A patented system, using specially formulated gel matrix that is placed in an air handling unit (AHU), which releases specific concentrations of top quality Australian tea tree oil vapour throughout the air-conditioning system. Tea tree oil (a 100% natural essential oil) is a broad spectrum anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent. 

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Product Description

What is Gelair Air Conditioning Block?

Gelair is the simplest and most convenient way to improve indoor air quality by killing mold, bacteria, and viruses that build up in air- conditioning systems.

This gel-based product delivers patented tea tree oil vapor applied throughout air- conditioning systems. Tea tree oil is 100% natural essential oil, known for centuries to be a biocide that kills mold, bacteria & viruses.

How does the Gelair Air Conditioning Block work?

Open the packaging and place the Gelair block anywhere in the air-conditioning system where the air blows over the block. Common places of installation can be next to cooling coils of FCUs and AHUs or simply behind return air grilles. Various sizes are available to cater to any system capacity (e.g. the more air going through the system, the larger block required). Gelair blocks treat these systems and their occupant zones for up to two months. Over this period, the block will reduce in size as the vapor is released from the gel.

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Gelair air conditioning blocks

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Why Gelair?

Buildings are highly susceptible to mold and bacteria buildup due to the following:

  1. Humid conditions as a result of continuous fresh air supply (with warmth and moisture) promoting condensation for the growth of mold, bacteria, and viruses
  2. High Occupancy in an enclosed area
  3. Old HVAC systems

This explains the often “musty” smells and the reason for mold growth throughout the HVAC system and diffusers.

Gelair and its competitive edge

  1. No energy consumption – solely dependent on the airflow of air- conditioning systems
  2. A mobile product that readily targets habitable locations of microorganisms
  3. Green product (biodegradable and no energy consumption), registered on the Singapore Green Building website
  4. Perfect application inbuilt environment & marine industries
  5. The only product that can treat the entire HVAC system

Gelair Effect

DOWNLOAD: Gelair Air Conditioning Block Brochure