Temtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Temtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor

3 in 1 Thermometer, Hygrometer, and PM2.5 Indoor Air Quality Monitor: Accurately tells you temperature & humidity and PM2.5 values, current date and time. Ideal for the management of room, office, hotel, laboratory, and hospital.


Product Description

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor air quality (IAQ) broadly refers to the environmental characteristics inside buildings that may affect human health, comfort, or work performance. We monitor IAQ because we spend approximately 90% of our time breathing “indoor air”. Unlike outdoor air, indoor air is recycled continuously causing it to trap and build up pollutants. IAQ characteristics include the concentrations of pollutants in indoor air, as well as air temperature and humidity.

Why Does My Indoor Air Quality Matter?

The comfort of your home depends on much more than a properly working HVAC system. After all, does the temperature really matter if the air you’re breathing in day and night is stale or full of debris?

It’s possible that you’ve heard the term “indoor air quality” before and thought, “My house is clean! I don’t need to worry about that.” However, IAQ should be a concern for all homeowners, especially those who live in older homes or who have a family with asthma, allergies, or low immune systems.

Family members, friends, pets, and even service providers track dirt and allergens into your house every day. Those substances are swept into your heating and cooling system and cycled throughout your home. If you don’t have something in place to clear out those germs, you’re going to keep breathing them in.

Here’s the bottom line: if you want your home to be as healthy and comfortable as possible for your loved ones, your indoor air quality matters.
Temtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor Health Parameter Guide

Temtop Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor

What does Temtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor track?

PM 2.5 (Particulate Matter 2.5) refers to fine particles with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less. Due to its tiny size, PM 2.5 can be absorbed into the bloodstream and the lungs, so that long-term exposure to a high concentration of PM 2.5 environment may cause eye and nose irritation, cough, asthma, emphysema, lung disease, heart attacks, cancer and etc.

Temperature and Humidity may often be ignored however they do have significant impacts on an individual’s wellbeing, comfort, health, and safety as well as your valuable goods. High humidity may lead to increased household air pollutants especially the biological contaminants such as molds, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and dust mites; cold, low humidity may cause nosebleeds, skin and respiratory irritations, dyspnea, static electricity shocks, etc.

indoor air quality monitor


Max & Min Records: Digital thermometer displays MAX & MIN humidity, temperature(℉/℃Optional) and PM2.5 records in real-time; also shows the PM2.5 histogram in the past 12 hours, allowing you to adjust thermostat or humidifier or air purifier in time.

Air Comfort Indicator: Smart design with face icon indicates the surrounding air condition for PM2.5 (GOOD/FAIR/POOR)and humidity (DRY/COMFORT/WET).

Data Report: Comes with a USB cable, makes it accessible to export the history data to your computer for further analysis.

Easy to Use: Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that runs about 6-8 hours on a full charge.

Temtop Indoor Air Quality Monitor Specifications

Model: P20
Dimensions: 260 x 139 x 33 mm
Battery capacity: 3,000mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7VDC
Battery life: 6-8h on a full charge
Input voltage/current: DC5V; 1A
Operating environment: 0-50ºC (32-122ºF); 0-90%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 1 atm standard atmosphere

Measuring range: 0-50ºC (32-122ºF)
Accuracy: +- 1ºC (+- 1.8ºF)

Measuring range: 0-90%RH
Accuracy: +-5%RH

Sensor: Laser particulate matter sensor
Measuring range: 0-999μg/m3

0.01μg/m3 (0-9.99μg/m3)
0.1μg/m3 (10-99.9μg/m3)
1μg/m3 (100-999μg/m3)

+-10μg/m3 (0~9.99μg/m3)
+-10% (100-500μg/m3)

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