ECOLO AirSolution™ is a complex mixture of essential oils and volatile odoriferous substances derived from plants. Unlike chemical-based fragrances that simply act as masking agents, ECOLO AirSolution™ combines the process of absorption, adsorption, and chemical reactions to neutralize odorous molecules. The formulation is introduced to malodorous air in the form of micro-droplets from ECOLO's atomization systems.

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Product Description

Once odorous molecules come into contact with finely misted droplets of AirSolution™, they undergo a series of absorption and decomposition processes and are hence converted into non-volatile compounds (i.e. carbon dioxide and water). With these, the solution is able to effectively reduce odor concentration and intensity in treated air or surface by absorbing odorous gas in the liquid phase.

With regards to the odor/odors of concern, AirSolution™ prepares clients adequately with a diverse range of solutions. Each of these targets a particular odor group and and are conveniently used with ECOLO’s control systems. Our solution works for compounds including hydrocarbons, aldehydes, mercaptans, amines, sulfides, amoonia, ketones and other potential malodor compounds.

ECOLO AirSolution™ is safe and environmental friendly


The ECOLOGO® mark signifies that AirSolution™ has met rigorous lifecycle-based environmental performance criteria as defined in UL’s stringent ECOLOGO® standard (Standard UL 2796). Of which, this standard evaluates multiple criteria throughout a product’s life including energy use, waste disposal, and toxic reduction amongst other factors.