AirStreme™ AMC System

The AirStreme™ AMC System could be used in a broad range of industrial and environmental misting applications, combining both advanced programming capabilities and continuous duty operation.

The system, a considerable industry leader, is perfect for misting solutions and remediation of our client’s odor problems with odor counteracting solutions (i.e. AirSolution™, BioStreme™ and XStreme™) in a diverse range of application with requirement of operating nozzles up to 150.

Product Description

ECOLO’s AirStreme™ AMC System, complemented with ECOLO AirSolution™, provides ideal odor neutralization for various odor plagued locations. Similar to the AirPro® Automated Pneumatic System, components of this system are securely enclosed in a NEMA rated fan cooled cabinet, featuring an advanced digital controller for quality and industry- leading programmability.

What stands out of AirStreme™ AMC System with other misting systems would be the convenient standard installation configuration as well as the integrated controller design of the system. The system also provides option for additional accessories such as the rain sensor, wind sensor and a 3-way remote. A single system is able to serve up to 150 operating nozzles around the clock with adequate water supply.

ECOLO’s AirStreme™ misting systems are perfect for a wide range of application from odor control, pest control, environmental cooling, dust suppression to humidification purposes.


Operating Pressure

150 psi

Maximum Pressure

250 psi


1/2 HP


190 GPH

Motor Rotational Speed

1425-1725 RPM


110-220 V, 50-60 Hz

Maximum Nozzle Number



45.7cm/18″ x 40.6cm/16″ x 25.4cm/10″


Thermoplastic Polycarbonate

Application Locations

Transfer stations, compost plants, large industrial projects, processing plants, landfill sites, wastewater, exhaust stacks and anywhere odor poses a problem